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Our Festivals and Events in Brief

Dark Winter Meeting

This festival takes place in January. Several bands from all over the world will be performing at this Extreme Metal Festival and we want to make sure that our artist selection is the darkest one. For Tickets click here

Voices of the Succubi

VOTS is a Female Fronted Metal Festival organized in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta. This event happens in September every year and will be a merciless display of good, powerful music with a good variety of Metal Genres, all Female Fronted.

VOTS brings together bands from all over the world that are either established, or currently climbing the ladder quite quickly with the promise of delivering a crushing, memorable show. Metal festivals on the tiny Island of Malta are getting really popular and promising to Metalheads all over the world. Malta is strategically located in the heart of the Mediterranean, plenty of sun all year round, diversity of entertainment, impressive beaches, infinite amount of restaurants and hotels, cultural heritage and last but not least, a very welcoming and strong metal community.

The Team behind VOTS, is dedicated and wants to make sure that everyone will have an unforgettable experience. Get in touch if you have any questions not answered in this website.

As of 2017, VOTS Festivals partnered with FemMe and Metal Over Malta to bring the FemMe Battle of the bands in Malta, where bands can compete and get a slot in Eindhoven’s FemMe Metal Festival.

Festival Information and FAQs

Closest Airport
We have only one Airport, Malta International Airport (Code: MLA)

Access and admission to our festivals and events.
We will exchange your eTickets for the festival wristbands right at the entrance to the venue. You must show your wristband to any member of security or staff on demand. Therefore, you must not take it off until your departure.